8 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Organic Floral Water

organic floral water

What are Floral Waters?

Floral water or flower water is a term used to describe condensate water produced during the steam distillation process of an essential oil. The hydrophilic properties of essential oil dissolves into water to form flower water, hydrolate/hydrosol. Regardless of what you like to call it, the fragrant water contains the essence of the plant. Infused water or hydrosols delivers all the essential oil benefits to an individual’s skin. They are soothing and gentle to become an effective part of many beauty products. Benefits and uses of organic floral water are shared below:

For Hydrating Skin

Organic floral water is highly versatile in nature. It is popular used for personal and house care. Rose, Blossom, Orange and Lavender flower waters work great for hydrating dry and sensitive skin. Lavender floral water soothes and heals sun burned skin.

For Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Chamomile floral water is perfect for treating dark circles under the eyes. It is a natural remedy for puffy eyes. Using it on a regular basis will remove the puffiness and dark circles from under your eyes.

For Shiny Hair


Spraying a lavender or a rose hydrosol moisturizes and increases the shine of your hair. Rosemary hydrosols has a cooling effect on the hair follicles to qualify as a perfect scalp spray.

For a Perfect Summer Environment

Summer flowers are a perfect way to use as a cooling body mist. Peppermint has the most cooling effects. Organic floral waters will boost your energy skills to make you feel fresh and healthy.

For Restless Babies

Floral waters are also safe to use on young children. You can use a few drops of Chamomile or Lavender floral water into bathwater to calm a restless baby. This cures the eczema or nappy rash for your baby.  


Rose and Neroli floral water are added to scent up clothes when ironing. They produce better smell than their synthetic counterparts. Floral waters are also a great way to refresh air instead of aerosols which are harmful to the environment.

After Shave

Hydrosols have a soothing and skin tightening effect for men. Applying floral water after shaving protects the skin from unusual irritation.

Mood Lifter

Natural incense and scents have an uplifting effect on our emotions. Floral water such as Neroli, Lemon, Peppermint and Orange are great to energize your mind by increasing your mental clarity.

Where to Buy Organic Floral Water?

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