5 Popular Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil

Roses are amongst the world’s most beautiful flowers. Due to the availability of wide range of colors, shapes and sizes of roses, you are able to find one for every occasion. The flower is also used for extraction of Rose essential oil. Rose essential oil is rich in medicinal properties and contains aromatic compounds of the rose flower. It is used commonly in natural incense UK, pure fragrance, diffusers and soya wax candles. Some of the popular health benefits of rose organic essential oils uk are shared below:


Rose essential oil helps to heal depression. Clinical tests have been done to find the aromatherapeutic benefits of rose essential oil.  These tests showed a major decrease in the postnatal depression with a lower occurrence of anxiety among the patients. When feeling down, consider inhaling the fragrance for a few moments. You will start feeling as if the heavy load has begin to lift off your shoulders.

Skin Health

Rose essential oil is also ideal for treating skin issues. According to chinese researchers, you need to include a few drops in the DIY lotions and creams. This helps to resolve skin problems such as acne by destroying the bacteria causing it. In short, rose essential oil helps to add a refreshing touch to your skin. It is better to use it instead of the toxin-laden commercial products.

Sexual Dysfunction

Rose essential oil also helps with sexual dysfunction for men suffering from major depressive disorder. You can use the bedside diffusers and incense to have a relaxed and calming effect on you and your spouse’s mind. You can also use sandalwood, jasmine and ylang ylang to take things to the next level.

Menopausal Symptoms

According to a research published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Rose essential oil helps women suffering from menopause symptoms. The study assigned 25 menopausal women to weekly massages using different essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, rose and geranium.  The subjects of the study reported to have an improvement in the menopausal symptoms compared to the other 27 participants who did not undergo any massage.

Menstrual Cramps

Rose essential oil also helps in reducing the severity of menstrual cramps. According to a study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, the researchers found an aromatherapy blend containing a drop of rose essential oil, lavender essential oil and a drop of clary sage essential oil to decrease menstrual cramps when applied on an individual’s abdomen through a massage.

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